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Are you planning an outdoor getaway, or do you need it for work purposes? With customisable options, BK Canopies is a premier supplier of aluminium canopies, undertray boxes, water tanks, and fridge surround canopies designed to fit your Ute perfectly.

Our products are built with 3mm alloy, which is plasma cut and press folded to ensure accuracy during manufacturing, resulting in a lightweight yet incredibly strong product.

Perfect for all terrains, our canopies are Australian-made, so you don’t need to stress about the quality of materials.

Canopy Fitouts Near Canberra – Beneficial Features

At BK Canopies, we offer you a collection of fully engineered canopies and trays that not only fit your vehicle but also take into account modern 4wds features, including rear cameras and sensors. 

Whether you seek trays and storage compartments to organise your tools or prefer an open layout for an adventurous drive in the outback, we’ve got you covered.

Our highly skilled team of technicians guarantees the safety and security of your valuable equipment during transit. Investing in our aluminium toolboxes or canopies is the best decision you will make for your gear.

Why Choose BK Canopies for Canopy Fitouts Near Canberra

Purchasing a canopy is an investment for you and your family, and at BK Canopies, we understand the importance of getting it right. Here are a few reasons why you should choose BK Canopies:

  • We provide high-quality, durable products, perfect for rough Australian terrains.
  • Our canopies offer added security and functionality.
  • You can customise your canopies according to your unique requirements.
  • We provide excellent customer service with a focus on client satisfaction.
  • Our canopies are competitively priced without compromising on quality.

How to Choose the Right Canopy Fitouts for Your Ute

While ordering a canopy fit-out, consider the purpose, whether you want it removable from your tray, and if you need electrical work done within the canopy.

At BK Canopies, we guide you step by step in making the right choice for your Ute, enhancing your vehicle’s storage capacity and strength.

Contact our team-friendly team now at 0457 351 146 or visit our manufacturing facility in NSW. At BK Canopies, we provide convenience, superior security, and state-of-the-art functionality are just a call away!

What Customer Say

nathan matchett
nathan matchett
I purchased a bk canopy and I couldn’t be happier the quality is great and looks killer on my rig would definitely recommend
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Small family owned business, happy to listen and work with me to achieve what I wanted!

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