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Our factory is based in Smeaton Grange, NSW, and we specialise in providing aluminium canopies and trays for your ute. If you’re looking for the finest engineered canopies, trays, undertray boxes, water tanks, and fridge surround canopies, look no further. We are proud to be completely Australian made and owned, giving you the confidence to know we understand what qualities you need for your rig. 

We build our canopies using 3mm alloy, which gives us a light weight product that's still incredibly strong. Our customisable collection will give you the functionality and efficiency you’re looking for to make sure your next trip or work job will be more secure and organised.

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About BK Canopies | Smeaton Grange, Sydney

Custom Canopies and trays

Our team of professionals are incredibly competent at building customised canopies and trays for all utes. We have the skills to build canopies and trays according to your custom choices. If you’re looking to significantly improve your vehicle’s storage capacity, canopies are your solution. Our focus on design, strength and aesthetics will also enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Whether you are looking for one with trays and storage compartments to help you easily organize your tools and equipment, or something simple with an open layout, you can easily find what you want. 

Convenience, added security and functionality are perhaps the most significant benefits of attaching removable custom canopies to your trucks. Riding through the rough Aussie terrains is difficult for many vehicles, which is precisely why utility vehicles are so popular here. Our collection of customisable aluminium canopies will provide you with the lightweight sturdiness you need.  

Equipment Security Guaranteed

If the safety and security of your tools have been on your mind, then you will be happy to know that it has never been easier to transport your valuable equipment than with ute canopies and toolboxes. Investing in a quality aluminium toolbox or canopy for your equipment is one of the wisest decisions you will make in your career. At BK Canopies, we have a wide range of customisable toolboxes and canopies, and we know intricate work comes with custom needs. 

Camping Solutions

Water is one of, if not the most essential items on your camping list. This is also why buying a water tank or roof racks is vital. There are a couple of question marks on how and where to store your water for the perfect set-up. The answers are dependent on your available space, desired capacity, budget, and personal preference. Our collection of water tanks allow you to carry water in unusable spaces where you can fit a custom build water tank. 

Knowing what you need!

When thinking about ordering a canopy there are a few things that needs to be considered. 

  • What is the canopy used for? This is important so we can give you the best advice on a layout that we know works well within its uses. 
  • Do you want it removeable from your tray? This is a design feature that is very handy if your vehicle has a few uses.
  • Will you be needing 12v electrical work done within the canopy? Do you want lighting and a fridge to be added in the future?

All of our canopies are built from 3mm Alloy and heavy duty hinges, meaning you are getting the light weight build without compromising the strength. While hitting the track with a fully load 4×4, you want to know that your gear is strong, secure and ready to take on all the corrugations and ruts the truck can do!

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nathan matchett
nathan matchett
I purchased a bk canopy and I couldn’t be happier the quality is great and looks killer on my rig would definitely recommend
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Small family owned business, happy to listen and work with me to achieve what I wanted!

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