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Canopies for Utes NSW

Are you looking for high-quality Ute canopies that are easy to set up? With a good canopy, there’s no need to stress about the work week as a busy tradesperson!

Created with strong 3mm alloy, the canopies at BK Canopies are designed to allow for easy installation, storage, and relocating of items.

Able to customise canopies to fit a variety of ute makes and models, we offer a solution for your transportation.

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Canopies for Utes Sydney

BK Canopies takes pride in providing our Sydney clients with affordably priced, top-quality, full Ute canopies. If your aim is a comfortable camping setup, our canopies offer excellent storage solutions for your tools and equipment.

Our cutting-edge range includes removable varieties, ideal for multi-function vehicles, fitted with strategically placed lighting for easy access to your equipment, day or night.

For the camping enthusiasts among you, our alloy canopies are the perfect companions for your adventures in Sydney.

Full Canopy Ute NSW

At BK Canopies, our range of full canopy utes in NSW is designed to fulfil the specific requirements of our diverse clientele.

With canopies made 875mm high and made from premium-quality alloy, our full canopy Utes are lightweight, cutting back fuel on the road.

Whether you’re a Ute owner near Canberra, Newcastle, or Wollongong, our full canopy Utes are perfect for storing your equipment and tools securely, wherever you go.

Full Canopy Ute Sydney

With a 12V mounting panel, our canopies can fit the Bushman’s 130L in them upright. BK Canopies’ selection of full canopy Utes for Ute owners in Sydney is designed with your convenience in mind.

A false floor is also welded during construction, so you don’t need to worry about your ease of use. Your trips around Sydney and beyond are certain to be smoother when you have everything you need in our spacious, full-canopy Utes.

Why Choose BK Canopies for Canopies for Utes in NSW?

With a wide range of aluminium canopies and trays on offer, we aim to enhance your vehicle’s performance and functionality. What sets us apart?

  • Australian-made and owned: We manufacture all our products at our Sydney facility, guaranteeing quality and durability.
  • Extensive experience: Our years in the business have equipped us with the knowledge and skills to provide you with stellar products.
  • Customisable options: Whether it’s a tray, canopy, or an undertray box, we can tailor-fit the design.
  • High-Quality Material: Using 3mm plasma cut aluminium, our canopies ensure superior strength and durability.
  • Innovation at its best: Our canopies’ unique UNISTRUT mounting system makes it easy for you to mount items on your canopy.

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, farmer, or outdoor enthusiast, our canopies for utes in NSW support your transportation needs.

How to Choose the Perfect Ute Canopy in NSW?

Initially, consider the canopy’s purpose. Will it be for work, outback rides, or both? This will guide your decision in selecting the canopy that suits your needs.

Secondly, consider whether you want a removable or a permanent canopy. Removable canopies provide flexibility for multi-purpose vehicles.

Lastly, do you need electrical fittings within your canopy for features like lighting, or refrigerators? If so, ensure your canopy can facilitate these features.

Contact BK Canopies at 0457 351 146 to experience fully customisable canopies in the shape and size of your choice. Buy online from our extensive range and discover for yourself why BK Canopies is the preferred choice for alloy canopies in NSW!

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nathan matchett
nathan matchett
I purchased a bk canopy and I couldn’t be happier the quality is great and looks killer on my rig would definitely recommend
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Small family owned business, happy to listen and work with me to achieve what I wanted!

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