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Picking the Right Under Tray Drawer for Your Ute

Whether you have a Ranger, HiLux, or a Triton, your utility vehicle will benefit massively from a high-quality set of undertray drawers. Undertray drawers add levels of functionality to the Ute that is unmatched. Keeping tools, equipment, camping gear, water bottles, and all essentials during a road trip, camping trip, or regular workdays are a huge help.

Types of Ute Undertray Drawers

There are numerous choices available when it comes to Ute drawers. Double drawer systems, shallow and segmented drawers, and single-space receptacles are a few. The dimensions of the drawer depend on the type of system you want to install. Undertray drawers can also be customised according to your requirements.

While Ute drawers may differ in size and configuration, they will remain similar in terms of the features offered as standard. An undertray drawer’s essential features are a lock system, a rail system, and an anti-sliding barrier.

How to Pick the Right Drawer

The size of your UTE’s tray is one of the primary and most essential factors you must check before selecting a tray. The tray becomes useless if the size is not proportionate to the vehicle. Ute Trays can come in various weights, and the tray’s weight will greatly impact your truck’s fuel efficiency. Given the nature of your job, you will need to carry different tools and equipment, so you must choose a UTE tray that offers plenty of space to keep your tools.

Ute drawers come in so many different varieties that it can get challenging to settle for a function. If your job requires carrying a lot of equipment, then a spacious drawer is what you’ll need. If you require a ladder rack for your construction project, that can be arranged too.

While both slide trays and drawers enable easy access to your cargo, there are a few key differences between the two. Usually made from multi-layered veneer or aluminium, slide trays are lightweight but not as durable as drawer systems. On the other hand, lockable ute drawers offer a few additional benefits. The first may seem obvious, and that is that they are secure and fully enclosed. You might think that ute drawers would cut down on your payload, but DECKED drawer systems have an actual 1-tonne payload and 100kg carrying capacity per drawer, so you can load up without restriction.

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