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At BK Canopies, our precision in manufacturing top-quality custom canopies has made us the go-to choice in Newcastle, NSW. Besides Newcastle, we also serve nearby locations such as Sydney and Wollongong.

Ideal for work, leisure, or adventure needs, our industry-leading designs, strong materials and expert craftsmanship ensure our canopies are durable and functional.

Whether you’re a skilled tradesperson requiring a secure, organised toolbox system for your Ute or an adventurer looking for stress-free storage and travel, our custom canopies are designed uniquely to meet your needs. Using 3mm alloy, our products are lightweight yet incredibly strong, ensuring your gear is secure even on challenging terrains.

Custom Canopies Near Newcastle

With the UNISTRUT, you can rearrange, remove, or install things simply. There is no drilling, nutserts or damage done to the canopy during the setup process.

Whether you are an electrician, carpenter, camper or explorer, our customised canopies are built with adaptability and resilience in mind, with designs compatible with most major Ute brands.

BK Canopies also specialises in building additional features such as water tanks and fridge surround canopies. Our collection of water tanks let you carry water in spaces where a custom-built water tank can fit. With BK Canopies’ solution, hitting the rough Aussie terrains with a fully loaded 4×4 has never been easier.

Why Choose BK Canopies for Custom Canopies Near Newcastle?

Hoping for a half alloy canopy? Here are a few reasons why BK Canopies is the preferred choice for custom canopies in Newcastle:

  • Australian Made: We take pride in manufacturing our aluminium canopies right here in Australia, providing strict quality controls and using the best materials.
  • Customisation: Our team of professionals have the skills to build trays and canopies according to your unique specifications and requirements, helping to improve your vehicle’s storage capacity.
  • Service Excellence: Our commitment to delivering customer satisfaction drives us to provide Why should you choose to use quality canopies for your next drive compared to competitors? There are many reasons!
  • Quality Promise: Our products are made from 3mm alloy, offering a lightweight, incredibly strong product.
  • Security Guarantee: Leave the safety of your equipment to us. Our customisable toolboxes and canopies ensure your valuables are always secure.

Custom Canopies Near Newcastle – Embrace the Difference

Why settle for less when you can have the best? BK Canopies is dedicated to bringing you top-quality custom canopies in Newcastle.

With us, you don’t need to worry about your tools or equipment during the work week. We make tool transportation secure and less of a hassle.

Call us now at 0457 351 146 to experience the difference it makes to your work week.

What Customer Say

nathan matchett
nathan matchett
I purchased a bk canopy and I couldn’t be happier the quality is great and looks killer on my rig would definitely recommend
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
Small family owned business, happy to listen and work with me to achieve what I wanted!

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