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Canopies for UTE

A Ute is a mix between a sedan and a pickup truck. The vehicle is a two-wheel drive, with a rear-end cargo tray and an integrated passenger body. The Ute was supposedly created after Ford motor company received a letter from an Australian family in need of a vehicle that could serve their farming business and everyday tasks. Today, utility vehicles are some of the most popular vehicles in Australia. 

What Are UTE Canopies? 

A Ute canopy is any structure mounted on a Ute’s chassis, tube or tray and is complete with roofing, walls, and access points like doors and windows. They are usually used to transport tools and equipment for tradies. 

A canopy does not just add functionality to your Ute, it can also improve the overall look of your vehicle. Installing a canopy is a big investment, so you must ensure that you choose the right one for your vehicle, depending on your specific needs.

Benefits of Canopies for Utility Vehicles 


Adding an aluminium canopy to your Ute can be a great move, especially if you usually use the vehicle to transport all sorts of tools and equipment. Canopies offer a wide range of benefits for Ute’s, and they include: 




Using a utility vehicle for work is common since it can hold all of your expensive equipment safely and securely. A canopy will protect thieves, which means you won’t have to worry about the theft of your prized tools. In addition to securing them from people, it can also offer protection from unpredictable weather. A canopy can offer protection from rain, snow and the sun’s direct rays.


Increased Carrying Capacity 


It can be a major struggle to fit a heavy load in the back of your Ute when you don’t have a canopy installed. A canopy can be your best bet if you want to transport a lot of goods in a secured manner. A canopy offers you the opportunity to increase the amount of available space. 


Customisable Functions 


One of the most exciting aspects of canopies is that they are incredibly mod-friendly. You can customise your canopies to include different functions according to your needs. You get the liberty of choosing from compact undertray boxes, water tanks, fridges, and a whole bunch of different add-ons. 




If you work in remote areas, having a canopy on your utility vehicle gives you the luxury of sleeping safely while being protected from harsh weather conditions. If you are someone who camps often, a canopy on your Ute can allow you to sleep feeling safe and secure without the hassle of pitching a tent. 


If you’re looking for a durable, customised canopy for your Ute, BK Canopies can help you pick the best possible one for your ride. Our installation, customisation, and consultancy services can significantly enhance your utility vehicle experience.

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